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Word on the street; “there's no such thing as a USP in Scientific Recruitment”.

We exist to prove them wrong.

After relying on your personal and professional networks for those initial hires, you find yourself running out of options.

As you stare blankly at the empty page before you, the question of where to even start in establishing an effective recruiting funnel weighs on your mind. That’s where we come in.

We’ll find the scientific superstars to turn your ideas into reality.


We attract passive candidates to your interview process utilising our LinkedIn personal brands of over 20,000 Life Science Key Opinion Leaders.


Internal continuity is essential for scaling your recruitment process. We’ve got the tried and tested templates and procedures to keep your team on track during role launches. Think Interview Process Designs and Job Description Support.


The foundation of a thriving pipeline relies on a recruiter’s arsenal of tools. You deserve nothing less than a bespoke hiring system meticulously designed to fit like a binding site. Expect ATS training, custom integrations and a whole lot more. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all.


The secret to perfecting your process? Agreed Screening Processes, Scorecards, Tailored Nurturing, Recruitment Marketing and Passive Candidates.

And, most importantly – ACTION.

We’re here to ensure candidates flow through your pipeline like a PhD Cytometrist.

Depending on your defined goals, Moxee will suggest:


RPO Services

for 4+ roles and project preventing hires.


for start-ups with embedded HR/TA who require words of wisdom. Let us handle recruitment on their behalf, or empower them with the knowledge to do it themselves.

Search & Selection

for those extra tricky, specific hires. No hire - no fee.

Executive Search

because finding the perfect genetic mutation for your C-Suite team is too important to leave to chance.

Retained Search

for the start-ups who mean business. A funnel-based approach, utilising KPI’s, data reports, timescales and clear expectations.