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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“Diversity is Being Invited to the Party: Inclusion is Being Asked to Dance."

"Equity is ensuring everyone has appropriate transport to the dance, regardless of their starting location."

Did you know that females account for 30% of the life sciences industry at executive level, and 18% of board members?

13% of companies employ no people of colour. It’s not good enough.

Removing names from resumes doesn’t cut it. We must do better.

Moxee promotes DE&I in your start-up by:

  • Instilling the passion for change in our company values
  • Promoting diverse interview panels
  • Utilising DE&I Recruitment Tools
  • Conducting a “diversity data audit” for your start-up. Data is the backbone of any DE&I recruitment strategy.
  • Providing insights via our custom anonymous candidate surveys and EEO’s
  • Supporting with developing sponsorship and mentorship programs
  • Establishing networks with diverse biotechnology and life sciences groups
  • Standardising interview questioning and score sheets
  • Searching for bottle necks. Are your Job Descriptions and culture inclusive?
  • Can we utilise anonymized screening tools?
  • Ensuring that your organisation has policies in place that support diverse candidates (paid parental leave, tuition reimbursement, flexible working, etc.)
  • Monitoring and reporting on your candidate and workforce data to measure what’s working

The process is broken.

You can have the greatest pipeline in the world, but if your culture accepts mistreating historically marginalised groups, they won’t stay.

Progress takes time, but with your commitment; Moxee can make it happen.
We’ve got a little something extra bubbling in our test tubes.

Quality First, Bias Never.